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GPS leads to navigational error

Thursday, March 19, 2015 - 12:15 p.m. - As if to show that technological progress is anything but, a family became hopelessly lost on Chowchilla Mountain this week due to its reliance on a GPS navigation device. 

On St. Patrick's Day, March 17, the Safir family set out from the Stockton area for Yosemite. After following their GPS unit for six hours, they found themselves on a remote spur road between Ponderosa Basin and the Park hamlet of Wawona.

After dialing 911, the family took photos and emailed them using a smart phone. The clues helped Mariposa County Sheriff's deputies and a Sierra National Forest ranger find the family.

The family was "in good spirits" as it was led out of the forest, a Mariposa County Sheriff's Office press release said.

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On the Fish Camp side of

On the Fish Camp side of Summit Road/Chowchilla Mountain Road there is a sign that says NO ACCESS TO MARIPOSA. There have been folks sent to Wawona, in the wintertime, over Chowchilla Mountain from Mariposa and they were "delayed" in arriving in Wawona. Somehow the GPS provider needs to be more engaged in suggesting appropriate roads for travelers. Luckily for the travelers the roads were not snowed nor mudded out to really get them stuck.

There is a sign, clearly

There is a sign, clearly visible, on the Ponderosa Basin side where Chowchilla Mtn. Road turns to dirt that says < "NO ACCESS TO YOSEMITE" If one chooses to ignore this sign and wants to take a shortcut to the park via Wawona, well - - - . Some folks think that they can avoid paying entry to the park by taking this road. GPS cannot help those that do not consider the obvious.

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