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Concessionaire claim riles residents

The name Badger Pass stood out in a 2011 snowstorm. (Erik Skindrud | The GAZETTE)The name Badger Pass stood out in a 2011 snowstorm. (Erik Skindrud | The GAZETTE)Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 - 1:30 p.m. - Yosemite concessionaire Delaware North Companies says it owns $51 million in Park names, including The Ahwahnee, Badger Pass and Yosemite Lodge.

Not so fast, many local people say.

"Is the word nonsense too large?," outgoing District 1 county Supervisor Lee Stetson said today. "(Their claim) seems silly."

Company spokesman Jim Stellmack said DNC is making no new legal claim. Ownership of location names is "common business practice," he told the GAZETTE.

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Look for a full report on the issue in the Thursday, Jan. 8 paper.

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For more information on this

For more information on this subject, please visit http://www.yosemitepark.com/questions DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite

When DNC's contract expires,

When DNC's contract expires, maybe its time to go back to a family owned & oriented company--- like YP&CC-- the Curry Company! Yosemite is more than a "cash cow" for corporate interests. Bring back the Yosemite that I knew as an employee in the late 1950s...... If you're interested, read my book of what it was like working there back then. My FREE book is included in the "Valley Cat" library system, including Mariposa County and Yosemite Park libraries. Title: "YOSEMITE [1958-1961]-- Exploits of a Former Employee."

As far as I'm concerned, DNC

As far as I'm concerned, DNC is just a temporary entity that is running (and profiting from) the Park. Yosemite NATIONAL Park and its place names belong to those who own the park....The American People!

Linda is right....the

Linda is right....the American People own the Parks which are poorly managed by the government...Who ever the concession company is that gets the contract wins the use of all Yosemite products....if another company gets the contract then the rights are transferred...

I feel if anybody owns these

I feel if anybody owns these names, wouldn't it be Curry company that owns them? They were around when it all began.

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