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Large storm approaches area

Yosemite visitors dug cars out at the Park's Badger Pass ski area after a big storm in March of 2011. (Erik Skindrud | The GAZETTE)Yosemite visitors dug cars out at the Park's Badger Pass ski area after a big storm in March of 2011. (Erik Skindrud | The GAZETTE)Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014 - 10:30 a.m. - A "powerful" storm is expected to cause widespread rain and snow by early Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service said today. Snowfall may be sufficient to open the county's Badger Pass ski area by Saturday.

Today's forecast indicates the system may produce a significant amount of "good, wet, base-building snow," said Colin Baldock, recreation manager for Yosemite concessionaire Delaware North Companies.

"Based on the forecast, there's a good chance we can open as soon as Saturday," Baldock said today.

The storm will also bring a chance of flash flooding to the El Portal Fire and Rim Fire burn zones, U.S. Forest Service Hydrologist Mary Moore said.

Lower elevations may see between 1 and 2.5 inches of rain, with as much as 2.5 feet of snow in the high country, forecasters said today.

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According to the news if the

According to the news if the storm comes than it will be beneficial as it brings snow which will open the Badge Pass Ski. It also brings some bad news as there is a chance of flood in El Portal Fire and Rim Fire burn Zones.

Most of the time we only

Most of the time we only travel through town,down hwy.140 when we go to Merced or Oakhurst,but there are time's when we can't make it back home here to Mariposa before dark,especially in the winter hours,I would just like to say,When coming up to the cross walk by the Pizza Factory,it is hard to see when there is on-coming vehicles,their light do blind you for a second,but the cross walk up by the bus stop,across from the Sub Shop,has no street light,and I never do the speed limit of 25-mph,I always drive slower around 15-mph,when its dark I have been riding with other drivers and they are having the same problem,you just can't see the people in that cross walk until you are at the cross walk,and add on-coming traffic with their head lights,it is very hard to see people there,and I know the people getting off the bus that cross there,they can see our cars real clear and probably think we see them as well,but we don't,the other cross walks are lit with street lights,I'm not one to complain but I just wanted to say this to someone who could relay it to others,thank you.

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