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County may pay $29,000 for "paid programming"

While Larry King is listed as the "host" of InView television, the former CNN personality does not conduct interviews for the Florida-based company. (InView | CONTRIBUTED)While Larry King is listed as the "host" of InView television, the former CNN personality does not conduct interviews for the Florida-based company. (InView | CONTRIBUTED)Monday, Nov. 24, 2014 - 1 p.m. - The county board of supervisors on Tuesday will consider paying a video production company $29,000 to create a five-minute segment that would be broadcast as "paid programming" on cable TV.

A GAZETTE investigation of the "InView" video production company shows that multiple school districts and colleges have expressed frustration after ventures billed as documentaries ran as infomercials on Fox Business News and other cable networks.

InView's Web site lists a Boca Raton, Fla. street address. 

Legitimate news outlets do not ask for fees before filming interviews.

In 2013, friends of Palo Alto-based Sofia University eagerly anticipated being "featured on the Discovery Channel's televised series, InView hosted by Larry King," according to information posted on Facebook.

"I tried to look this up on (published TV listings but)... the show is just listed as 'paid programming,'" writer Kris Kurtzwell said.

A writer on another Web site called "InView" a "scam."

"They read from a script, they try to rush you into signing and make the production date pretty close so you feel the sense of urgency to get everything done," the writer said.

Another online article titled "Long-Form Advertising Helps Entities Share Their Stories" sings the praises of the informercial format and then cites "InView" by name. 

"Typically, the show will air as 'paid programming,'" the article by Jack Harper said.

An April report posted on The Saline Courier's (Benton, Ark.) Web site says the Benton School District ponied up $27,900 to the show's producers. 

The company pitched the district by calling it "one of the top school districts in the nation," the report said.

The Mariposa County Board of Supervisors item on the Nov. 25 agenda was added by board chair Kevin Cann, the agenda says.

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I take offense as someone

I take offense as someone calling it a "scam", the school districts knew what they were getting, no one pulled the wool over there eyes saying it was free...It's a business like any other business in America

'Paid programming' doesn't

'Paid programming' doesn't seems worthful to me. This amount may also be efficiently utilized in some other way for the betterment of the school.

What in the heck is wrong

What in the heck is wrong with saving the money and let the HS do it. These folks are nuts! Simply.

Why? Much of the area

Why? Much of the area doesn't have cable.

From the information in your

From the information in your article, this sounds like a losing proposition. I hope the supervisors table this agenda item until they have thoroughly investigated the company.

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