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County gas drops below $3/gal.

(Debbie Tomlin | CONTRIBUTED)(Debbie Tomlin | CONTRIBUTED)Friday, Nov. 21, 2014 - 3:10 p.m. - It's official. Local gas prices have edged below $3 a gallon for the first time in close to five years.

GAZETTE reader Debbie Tomlin submitted the accompanying photo, which proves the country market was charging just under $3 a gallon today, she said.

"If Triangle can do it, why can't others?," she asked.

As of today, a gallon of regular unleaded at the Stage Stop mini mart in town was pumping at $3.09 a gallon.

Tomlin may be on to something, one gas-price expert seemed to imply recently.

A drop in California wholesale prices "gives plenty of room for local gas prices to decrease further," Jeffrey Spring of the Automobile Club of Southern California said in an interview.

Other experts caution that a so-called "carbon-tax" initiative is likely to send prices rising as of Jan. 1.

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We could have the enjoyment

We could have the enjoyment of at least the Holiday Season travel if all gas stations would follow the lead. If Triangle can do it so can the other's. We deserve a break and should feel like our local gas stations are on our side and not just to squeeze the extra few cents per gallon out of us. If prices do rise again as of January 1st we will at least have had a brief but well deserved break. I challenge all gas stations in Mariposa County to step up and match the example of what Triangle is doing for us.

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