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Park proposes 50% entrance fee hike

GAZETTE file photo.GAZETTE file photo.Monday, Oct. 20, 2014 - 11:15 a.m. - Yosemite National Park officials have proposed raising the basic Park entrance fee from $20 to $30 per vehicle. A 30-day public comment period runs through Thursday, Nov. 20. 

"The fee change will allow Yosemite to maintain consistent revenue while adjusting... (fees) for inflation," an announcement released by the Park today said.

The proposal is not likely to please local merchants and innkeepers, who are already chafing under the county's proposed 1.25-percent increase in overnight lodging tax. Increasing fees for visitors leaves them with less cash to spend in shops, motels and restaurants, local business people have argued.

Other proposed Park fee hikes include raising the annual pass fee from $40 to $60, and the individual rate for people riding on buses or motorcycles from $10 each to $15 for individuals and $25 per motorcycle. 

Proposed fee increases would also hit overnight camping in the Park. If approved, family campground rates would go from $20 to $24 a night.

The proposed increases "could" go into effect in 2015 if they are approved, a Park news release issued today said.

Park neighbors and visitors can email comments to yose_planning@nps.gov

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Frankly, $20 is too much.

Frankly, $20 is too much. What do they need this increase for? The article doesn't say.

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