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In memory

Seven years ago, on Sept. 3, 2007, we lost our dear Ashley.

As I sit here trying to think of the perfect words to say about my best friend Ashley, I am only able to think of one. Love. Ashley embodied love in all its forms. She never hesitated to bring joy and laughter into anyone’s life, no matter who they were. Love was what she exuded and surrounded herself with and sharing that love with whomever God chose was never a burden.

I watched as she poured her heart and soul into missionary work in El Salvador, shared the love of Christ in school, and was never ashamed to love the unloveable.

People who say angels don’t exist on Earth clearly never met her. I truly believe that she was sent to us to fill a purpose, and not a day goes by without her loving words filling my head.

Ashley is missed each and every day by those that knew her, and our lives are better because of the joy she brought to them. She will forever be my best friend, my sister, my Ashley.

Grace Rodriquez

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