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CHP: Bear-vehicle collision killed bear

Friday, Aug. 22, 2014 - 4:30 p.m. - A collision involving a motorist and a black bear near the intersection of Highway 140 and Agua Fria Road last week resulted in the bear's death, Officer Steven Lewis of Mariposa's CHP office said today.

The fatal "bear strike" was the first reported this year on county roads and highways outside of Yosemite National Park, Lewis said.

The unfortunate encounter is a reminder that motorists share roads with wildlife, and need to drive with caution, Lewis said.

A Yosemite National Park report released on Aug. 1 said that 13 bears had been struck by vehicles in the Park this year. The report did not distinguish between injured bears and bears killed in the road collisions, however.

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I had never heard of bears

I had never heard of bears that far from Yosemite. Wow!

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