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Deer-related collision is safety reminder

Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014 - 9 a.m. - An 18-year-old county woman crashed into an East Whitlock Road embankment on Tuesday after swerving to avoid a deer, the local CHP office has reported.

Michelle Linn, 18, was transported to John C. Fremont Hospital with minor injuries following the 9:30 a.m. incident.

Vehicle incidents related to collisions and near-collisions with deer, bear and other animals occur regularly in the county. The possibility of encountering obstacles makes driving at a "prudent speed" a key safety precaution, local CHP Sgt. Chris Michael said.

"You never know what is waiting for you around each curve," Sgt. Michael said.

(California Department of Fish and Wildlife | CONTRIBUTED)(California Department of Fish and Wildlife | CONTRIBUTED)

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Ernie - in a simple nutshell:

Ernie - in a simple nutshell: no, there's no evidence they actually work. I first started looking into those things a good thirty years ago and could find no evidence they do anything to prevent deer collisions. More recently, there have studies done by (among other groups) the Georgia Game & Fish Department, the University of Wisconsin and the Ohio State Police. All the studies showed that these whistling devices showed no effectiveness whatsoever and the prime reason: "ultra-sonic" soundwaves don't travel very far at all and even so, the hearing frequency range of deer is believed to be about the same as humans - meaning deer wouldn't even hear "ultra-sonic" whistles. Save your money!

Do the aftermarket gadgets

Do the aftermarket gadgets that they sale at auto parts store work. Do law enforcement or first responders install any sort of gadgets, that make a whistling sound only animals can hear, on their vehicles. I bought and installed such a gadget a couple of years ago, but lost them going through a car wash.

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