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Benson submits resignation to county

Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014 - 11:30 a.m. - Mariposa County Chief Administrative Officer Rick Benson this week submitted his resignation to the county, he told the GAZETTE today.

Benson has served close to eight years in the county's top administrative position. 

"It's time," he said, citing a long commute that saw him spending weekdays in Mariposa and returning to his wife and home in the Bakersfield area on weekends.

This week, Benson was listed as one of seven finalists for a county manager job in Douglas County, Nev. He has not been offered the position, he said this week.

"I intend to retire, but I also want to keep my options open," he said.

Look for a full report in the Thursday, Aug. 21 GAZETTE.

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The County Board of

The County Board of supervisors seems to be chopping heads left and right. We lost Peter Rei the public works director at a time when we have 4 Sewer system with regional water control board violations.We also have multiple issues with Yosemite West Water system,Sewer system and the Roads. Then we lose our Fire Chief who only lasted 10 months or so. Now during the budget we lose Rick Benson and last Tuesday the Head of Mental Health department leaves the County after 11 years. We will have 5 heads or staff gone this month. Who will be filling in for them and why did the Board make this move now. Whats the real truth behind all these

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