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Board makes Richards' job elimination official

Cardoso, Eppler vote to keep position intact
By Greg Knight | Associate Editor

Former district personnel director Valerie Fall addressed the school district board of trustees during a May 22 special meeting. Fall advocated for keeping current director Tammi Richards' position intact. (Greg Knight | The GAZETTE)Former district personnel director Valerie Fall addressed the school district board of trustees during a May 22 special meeting. Fall advocated for keeping current director Tammi Richards' position intact. (Greg Knight | The GAZETTE)Friday, May 23, 2014 - 10:50 a.m. - Despite an outpouring of support from teachers, the Mariposa County Teachers Association (MCTA) and current and former members of the education community, the Mariposa County Unified School District Board of Trustees passed a resolution on Thursday, May 22, in a divided 3-2 vote, that will officially eliminate district personnel director Tammi Richards’ position.

The resolution allows the district to issue a layoff notice within 60 days to Richards and proceed with a plan to split her duties between incoming superintendent Robin Hopper, assistant superintendent Jon Corippo, and a possible “personnel technician,” though that position does not currently exist.

Board members Judy Eppler and Joe Cardoso were the sole “no” votes.

Read the May 29, 2014 edition of the GAZETTE.

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Interesting to see TR get

Interesting to see TR get treated the same way she has treated others. I especially note her slamming her fist on the podium/her own hand, and yelling at the Board....very professional.

Anyone in the know will

Anyone in the know will realize that this was a "risk management" and cost saving decision. School Board members with children in the District only look to serve their own child. Applause for the three members with enough courage to make an un-popular decision, realizing that it is the best decision.

Cardoso and Eppler need to

Cardoso and Eppler need to go. Aren't these the same characters that tried to fire Jaeckle? Ridiculous. It is evident that the other three members care deeply about what is right, overall, and not what is right for the adults in power positions. Great leadership and an absolutely necessary move on the part of the Board to save money and jettison a liability.

Thank you Greg Knight, and

Thank you Greg Knight, and Gazette, for posting the video. Besides reminding me that I need to exercise more, 23 minutes into the video, it clearly shows that some of our Board members just don't care about the community. Obviously, a study should have been done before the position was eliminated (again). It was total chaos when they eliminated it before. Greg starts his article with the fatal words, "Despite an out-pouring of support from teachers..." If he understood our District's politics, he would have said "Because of an out-pouring of support from teachers..." Tammi is not only the Personnel Director, she is in charge of risk management. The Board, which for some unfathomable reason cannot stand our teachers (I blame Rosander), has not negotiated in good faith with MCTA. As risk manager and personnel director, I imagine Tammi advised otherwise. To be clear, I'm not saying she advocated for the teachers; she is a professional (which is why the teachers support her)- but as part of her job, she would have encouraged the Board to avoid mediation and throw the teachers a bone. They simply weren't going to have it, so they killed the messenger. We need to replace some of our Board members. Only one has a child in our schools. Only one has District administrative experience. The other three, lacking any direct connection, should have cared enough about their community to do their homework. Our teachers kept the District going through the lean times. Their reward? A heaping pile of nothing.

By heaping more duties onto

By heaping more duties onto her load, I am worried that we are setting up our new super to fail. The Ed Code, which is law, is very complex. It is imperative that each department head know their section of the law whenever a decision is made. Otherwise our district is open to litigation. After special education, the personnel laws are the most complex. And the personnel laws come with built-in legal watchdogs: the two unions that represent the staff. Those unions come with lawyers. There is no room for error and ignorance is no excuse. Tammi was our district safeguard. Tammi, for the time being, plans to bump into the new personnel technician position. It is illegal to have Tammi do the same job for half the money by merely changing the title. Ms. Hopper will know that. It is no wonder that two of the board members want to have this in place before she arrives. Maybe then it will appear that we always run our District in a hap-hazard manner. Well, as a matter of fact, we have. We want it to stop. We deserve better. Three of our Board members have to go. Let's make some change that makes sense. Please vote them out! .

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