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Richards' position trimmed in 3-2 school board vote

By Greg Knight | Associate Editor

Friday, May 16, 2014 - 4:30 p.m. - In a sharply divided vote, the Mariposa County Unified School District Board of Trustees eliminated the position of long-time employee and personnel director Tammi Richards on Thursday, May 15.

After a motion by board member Eldon Henderson to cut Richards’ position, the board voted 3-2, with Henderson, board president Kirstie Kari-Dunbar and member Kim Forsythe-Allison voting “yes,” and members Joe Cardoso and Judy Eppler voting “no.”

According to the district, the position will be absorbed into the duties of incoming superintendent Robin Hopper and assistant superintendent Jon Corripo. A personnel technician position would also be created for what the district called a savings of more than $50,000 to the budget.

Read the May 22, 2014 edition of the GAZETTE for the complete story.

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With Tammi's outstanding

With Tammi's outstanding integrity and care for our community, I am sure that she will help train others to successfully handle her previous duties. Additionally, as she has served the District for so long with such dedication and talent, surely the District will give her another position to ensure the benefit of her work ethic and wisdom.

Great decision to save money

Great decision to save money and follow new leadership.

Tammi worked long hours.

Tammi worked long hours. There is quite a lot to properly hiring and laying off credentialed teachers and administrators. If a mistake is made it can put our District in legal jeopardy. It cannot be a tacked-on job. Does our new Super know what she's in store for? What else can they add to her duties before she gets here? The message from the Board is clear: our people aren't important. If one of them has a personnel issue, then one of our over-worked administrators will try to fit the issue into his or her schedule. This can mean that someone who works directly with our kids may be in an unfair situation for too long. Unhappiness has a way of spreading.

Don't sit back and accept

Don't sit back and accept this move at face value. Demand a full disclosure of reasons behind this decision. Restructuring Tammi Richard’s position by turning it over to 2 administrative positions and creating an entry level position may save $50,000, however the value and loss of years of experience, training and hands on ability is far higher than the meager savings in a huge budget.

It should say, not for that

It should say, not for that little of savings. Don't know how that got there!!

Why not "trim" the new

Why not "trim" the new assistant superintendent position instead?

We miss you Anne!

We miss you Anne!

Maybe it's time to eliminate

Maybe it's time to eliminate some people from the school board. There is obviously something very shady going on with this board and others in the administration. To just reach out and eliminate a person with this much experience does not make any sense at all , not for that Did they take the money out if escrow little iof savings. There is more going on here !!!!! School board!!!!!!!!

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