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Common Core 'opt-out' Web sites popping up

By Greg Knight | Associate Editor

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 8:45 a.m. - While there is a legislative fight brewing to remove Common Core testing from schools in the state, parents have the option, though it is little known, to opt-out of the test.

A handful of Web sites have been set up in recent months providing an “opt-out” document that can be downloaded and filed with respective school districts in the state. Some of those sites include saynotocommoncore.com and cuacc.org.

Carrie Kidwell is a Bootjack resident and has a daughter enrolled at Woodland Elementary School. She said she is averse to the new method of teaching and testing because of how it affects her ability to help assist in her child’s education.

“I have a problem with the new curriculum  because my millenial generation, that knows original math, are going to have a very hard time helping our kids with their homework,” Kidwell said. “If I don’t understand this new way of doing math, how can I help my child get it and understand it properly.”

Read the entire story in the May 22, 2014 edition of the GAZETTE.

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Opt-0ut of the standardized

Opt-0ut of the standardized tests parents! Protect your childrens privacy! Go to cuacc.org and READ what you are opting out of. Govt. will be datamining (collecting very personal information) and tracking your children. Please get educated and OPT-OUT of standardized testing. It will protect your kids from the Feds and let your voice be heard that it's not ok!

Math hasn't been new for

Math hasn't been new for quite some time. Same math, just gotta prove that you know it, not memorize it.

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