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Yosemite workers plan Tuesday rally

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 4 p.m. - A union representing Yosemite hotel and visitor-services workers plans an afternoon rally on Tuesday, May 13 to ask officials to protect jobs as the Park concessionaire contract prepares to go out for bid.

The rally is sceduled for 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday in front of the Valley Visitor Center in Yosemite Village.

The event is organized by Unite Here Local 19, which represents close to 1,400 permanent and seasonal workers in the Park.

The union is concerned about what may happen to Park jobs following an impending competitive-bid process that could see the largest concessionaire contract in the National Park Service go to a new operator. Delaware North Companies has held the contract since the mid 1990s.

Union leaders would like to see a "worker-retention ordinance" or similar rule endorsed by the Park, but officials in Yosemite and Washington, D.C. have so far declined to make any promises, union spokesperson Sarah McDermott said. 

Park concessionaire Delaware North Companies held an Earth Day event by Yosemite's Valley Visitor Center in April. (DNC | CONTRIBUTED)Park concessionaire Delaware North Companies held an Earth Day event by Yosemite's Valley Visitor Center in April. (DNC | CONTRIBUTED)

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Hopefully DNC will finally

Hopefully DNC will finally loose their contract with Yosemite. The company and employees are awful and it is time for someone new to take charge.

Dear Anonymous, I

Dear Anonymous, I specifically asked a union representative about your claim at the rally today. I was told that we are allowed to strike when our union contract is up. That date was March 14th. The union and the company agreed to extend the contract while peaceful negotiations are taking place. At any point during negotiations if either the company or the union decide that negotiations are not going as planned, either entity can give a thirty day notice to the other party to end the extended contract. At that point the union will be allowed to strike. I too was not happy about having to pay more union dues, however, the bigger picture here is the NPS concession contract. If DNC is not awarded the next concession contract it is possible that a new company could come in and totally turn the tables on us. I don't know about you, but I have 30 years in with this company, I can't afford to go back to minimum wage. If that happens, then we will need this strike fund. We may not actively strike then but we may do protests in our off time and boycott the food and retail establishments so the strike fund would be used to feed the employees. I think that we need to stand united in order to win a decent contract from DNC and also to convince NPS to include a clause in the concession contract that enforces a new concessionaire to retain all current employees at their current level of benefits.



Good luck with all of that

Good luck with all of that

Need to have against the

Need to have against the union not for it. Did you know employees pay into a "strike fund" and we aren't allowed to strike??? How does that work union should be paying back that money to the employees they just want to make a stink and place blame on someone else for their mistakes. Also the rest of union employees in other cities are allowed to strike so yosemite union local 19 are paying for someone else's Benefits.... not fair at all I want my money back and I'm not alone. Rally needs to be against this union.

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