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School board votes to eliminate positions for 2014-15

Greg Knight

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 8:30 a.m. - Just two weeks after the Mariposa County Unified School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to hire five new teachers at Mariposa Elementary School, Woodland Elementary School and Lake Don Pedro School for the 2014-15 school year, the board voted to eliminate just more than five positions across the K-12 spectrum.

In closed session on Tuesday, March 4, the board decided to eliminate two K-8 Alternative Education Opportunity Class positions, a pair of K-8 Resource Specialists, a 9-12 Alternative Education teachers, and a 40-percent Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) speech therapist.

The cuts will affect Mariposa Elementary, Woodland Elementary, and the Alternative Education Site at the former Mariposa Middle School. The school district office will lose the .40 FTE speech therapist position.

Read the MARIPOSA GAZETTE issue on March 13 for full coverage of the meeting.

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So sad. Suck's for our kids

So sad. Suck's for our kids and community. I just hope to get my last of 3 children through high school. They all had help through the RSP program and one with speech therapy. Next time you see or heard of a young person struggling, going down the wrong path in life or having no basic life skills. You can thank the school board and whoever have the power to take free education, special programs, basic resource classes and the wonderful teacher's that are there for the kids of our community being cut. When the ability to gain employment, to have a top school is taken away people will move out of this community or the crime rate and disfunctional individuals rise. Hmmm, just a thought

there are regulations that

there are regulations that protect special needs children. Why are they not enforced?

I am appalled as well,

I am appalled as well, cutting resource teachers makes no sense. My God, can we please educate all of our children? Be sure to let the Fresno Bee, LA Times & San Francisco Cronical know... We will have substandard education in Mariposa County, do not come here! Denied Special Ed/ Resource classes is Right up there with Human Rights violations.

I agree! I had a special

I agree! I had a special needs child who benefited from the special needs program RSP when we lived in San Jose. It is crucial that we are able to educate our children appropriately!!

Vote NO! Keep the positions.

Vote NO! Keep the positions. It is redundant to reduce teaching positions across the board .Our kids need Everyone of them .And in reality the board does too.Think about it. Let`s community hear why it is necessary to eliminate these positions.and see what option(s) may become available. There are a good few methods that can be employed to counter the fiscal short fall . Going after education should not even be an option. At this point. Stop shuffling Numbers And try adding some!

This is appalling and

This is appalling and everyone in our community should be concerned. Here is another attempt to eliminate special ed programs and therefore cheat special education kids out of a "free and appropriate education" with individualized education plans. Please plan to attend this meeting and support our students.

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