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Burn suspension lifted, but fire caution remains

With recent rain, regional fire officials have lifted a burn suspension order, the local CAL FIRE office said this week. Debris burning is permitted on "permissive burn days" only. Residents are reminded to call 966-1200 before igniting piles.

Residents are also urged to use caution and have consideration for their neighbors while burning by observing the below requirements.
  • Burn only clean dry vegetative waste such as leaves, pine needles, and yard clippings.
  • Scrape a clearance of at least 10 feet to bare soil around any burn piles.
  • Piles are to be no larger than four feet in diameter and four feet high. If your pile is larger, break it down to a smaller size and add to it as the pile burns down.
  • Always have a shovel and water supply nearby.
  • While burning vegetative debris, never leave the burn pile unattended.
  • Call the Mariposa County Burn Day Information Line 209-966-1200 for permit requirements prior to burning.
  • Never burn on windy days. Use caution when burning as wind can cause fire to spread beyond the permitted pile.
  • Never burn trash, painted wood or other debris.
  • Property owners are responsible for maintaining control and proper extinguishment of hazard reduction burn piles, for abiding by all requirements and all Air Pollution Control District guidelines.

In an earlier statement, area fire chief Nancy Koerperich urged continued caution as a dry precipitation year continues.

“With the lack of precipitation and extremely dry fuel conditions, we are asking our citizens to remain diligent in their fire prevention efforts by limiting fire potential as they work and play throughout the Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit," Koerperich said on Jan. 30. "Every effort you can make to keep a fire from starting protects natural resources, infrastructure, and especially citizens, during this unprecedented drought situation."


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