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Layla remains at large

Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 - 2:50 p.m. - Captain Sterling Cramer of the Mariposa County Sheriff's Office, head of the Animal Control Division, reported today that apparently a well-meaning, but uninformed citizen has taken up feeding Layla, the feral female dog living along Yaqui Gulch Road.

Animal control officers believed they were just a couple of days away from catching the dog at a designated location where it was being fed regularly so it could be cared for when the dog began feeding again near Yaqui Gulch Road. Officers have discovered empty feeding bowls at that location.

"We really need the residents cooperation in this situation. It's imperative that we control the dog's feeding habits, and when someone else gets in the mix, it hampers our efforts to catch the dog and see that it is cared for," Cramer said.

Residents who witness someone stopped along Yaqui Gulch Road and apparently feeding the dog can contact the Mariposa County Sheriff's Office at 966-3614.

The sheriff's office plans to have the dog treated for an injured rear leg. An anonymous citizen has offered to pay for two to three weeks of professional training to resocializ the dog, and another resident in the area has volunteered to adopt the animal following its retraining, none of which can be accomplished until the dog is caught.

Look for further updates as they become available on this Web site and in the Mariposa Gazette.

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Why are county resources

Why are county resources being wasted on a stray dog? Having compassion for the animal is one thing, but why are we the taxpayers being subjected to this? Should this not be a private matter? Where is the SPCA? I saw the dog the other day and it was not limping nor injured. It was fine. Stop wasting our tax dollars and let the folks feed the dog as they see fit.

I hope the sheriff's

I hope the sheriff's department has posted multiple signs where the dog is living to advise people not to feed it!

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