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Yosemite shutdown protest held on Oct. 5

Furloughed workers and their supporters planned to protest the ongoing federal government shutdown with a 10 a.m. rally at the Park boundary adjacent to Yosemite View Lodge on Highway 140 this Saturday, Oct. 5.

The event follows another Park demonstration that was planned for Friday. 

Mammoth Lakes resident Stacey Powells organized a "sit down" protest at Yosemite National Park's Tuolumne Meadows on Friday, Oct. 4.

The event was a response to this week's continuing federal government shutdown.

"By the feds closing the parks, the livlihood of our friends, neighbors and families is in jeopardy," Powells wrote on the Sierrawave.net Web site.

Powells is news director for a Mammoth Lakes-area radio station.

Powells said she and fellow protesters planned to tell entrance station rangers they are driving through the Park "to Merced or Oakhurst or the Bay Area."

The group then plans to take "beach chairs into the meadow and have a sit-down in protest of what the federal government is doing to us."

This week's federal government shutdown is due to a budget impasse involving the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate and President.

Yosemite officials have said Park roads remain open, but stopping inside the Park is prohibited.


"Occupy Yosemite" protesters plan to enter the Park via the Tioga Pass Entrance Station, seen here in May. The group plans to meet at the Lee Vining Mobil gas station at 1 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 4. Photo: Beth Pratt "Occupy Yosemite" protesters plan to enter the Park via the Tioga Pass Entrance Station, seen here in May. The group plans to meet at the Lee Vining Mobil gas station at 1 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 4. Photo: Beth Pratt

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Where was everyone? Had a

Where was everyone? Had a conference at Tenaya Lodge and passed through Tioga Pass heading home and....NO protestors.

Hello! I'm Stacey Powells

Hello! I'm Stacey Powells and I organized the protest at YNP yesterday, October 4, 2013. When we arrived at the east gate, we were greated with open arms by the park rangers who were still there working even thought they were not getting paid. We were able to park inside the gate and held our protest just outside the gate right below the CalTrans sign that said PARK CLOSED DUE TO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. We had the support of the rangers and the hundreds of people driving into our out-of the park. We told them to take pictures and post them on their Twitter and FB pages.... I am thrilled that people from the towns close to these parks who are hurting are beginning to take a stand. Please continue these rallies. Eventually D.C. will hopefully listen.

Are the concessionaires still

Are the concessionaires still operating in the park ?

You are right its not

You are right its not Yosemite's Fault, but the POINT of the SIT IN YOSEMITE is just the 'Stage' so that us locals are not spending $500+ to fly to DC to deal with this when in fact we cant even pay our mortgages or payroll. Its not just the furloughed employees who are hurting its the ENTIRE COMMUNITY that SURROUNDS YNP including MARIPOSA who relays on tourism in order to put food on our tables, a roof over our children's heads, clothes on their backs!!! As for the "PARK OFFICIALS" if you plan on making arrest due to this, I dont think YNP jail will be able to hold the amount of people who are tying to make a statement. I know personally, I am in a complete, financial crisis,, I dont know how I am going to pay for my bills this month due to this, yet I still have to come to work for my boss who owns a small business and try to survive, and honestly, I am surviving on less than $10, thats to get my child to and from school to and from practice, myself to and from work, oh ya and GAS? what about milk and bread? No one is saying its YOSEMITE'S FAULT, but its NOT JUST THE GOVT EMPLOYEES who are hurting due to this, it is the community as a whole, who relay on Tourism in order to survive!!! We are all hurting due to this, and no IM NOT ON WELFARE Ive always been very INDEPENDENT and taken care of my means by working 50hrs a week!

Good for them. Go!

Good for them. Go!

How about these people occupy

How about these people occupy the Capitol steps in DC instead of Yosemite. It's hardly Yosemite's fault that the government shut down. And it's not Yosemite's choice to close the gates. Those instructions come out of a much higher (think DC) level.

FYI The park official's read

FYI The park official's read this as well

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