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Four arrested in illegal garden busts

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013 - A Monday morning raid at two Midpines residences probably started the week off badly for at least four suspects arrested by Mariposa County deputies and detectives for marijuana cultivating, sales and conspiracy crimes.

Look for all the details in this week's Mariposa Gazette.

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sooo you guys waste our tax

sooo you guys waste our tax money hunting down these people instead of focusing on all the meth heads in this county, or what about the increase of homeless people? Does marijuana really need that much attention? You know for a fact...every one of you guys know, that marijuana isnt deadly or cause people to be aggressive. Focus on real issues instead of being money hungry and protect our county of real criminals. Yeah it may be illegal for now but not for long, and all those medications people take are wayyyy worse than any marijuana plant. Go ahead and continue to kill yourselves with the food and medications you guys take.

We have family in the

We have family in the Mariposa/Bootjack area and your page has kept us informed on all issues affecting them...Thank You for keeping us up to date...

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