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W.L. Rakestraw

W. L. "Lance" Rakestraw, 73, of Mariposa passed away at his home on July 10, 2013. Lance, as he was known to his friends, was born in Denver.

Being an adventuresome person he moved to Southern California in the early 1960s to further his education. After a few years he bought a parcel of land in Calabasas, Los Angeles County, and named it "Ranch Lancelyn." Upon his retirement he then moved to and settled in an area between Bootjack and Triangle Road a few miles east of Mariposa.

Lance is preceded in death by his parents and grandparents. He is survived by his brother Wendell Rakestraw of Manteca and many good friends.

He was a good and charitable friend to those who knew him. He will be missed by many. His fondest passion was the beauty of the land and trees surrounding his home.

A memorial service will be held at later date.

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I just found this on June 16,

I just found this on June 16, 2014. My name is Christine. Lance was a good friend to me and he dated my mother- Patti Smith ( who has pasted away. The dated back in the 70's and where good friends for many years. Lance was a good man to me. I remember the ranch in Calabasas as Ranch Lancerlot. Lances nick name was Peter Pan. Many movies where filmed at the ranch. I remember the ranch well, as it was a home away from our home in the S.F. Valley. Mom and I could escape our trouble and fly to the ranch in the mountain. One Christmas eve , I believe it must have ben 1976 or 1977, I remember spending the night at the Ranch house. I slept on a hug round couch with a horse blanked. Later I learned that was the dog's bed. which dog he had a lot. But it was some brown little dog. I also remember the whale bone above the fireplace. The Spanish theme style home was personally designed by Lance. He also developed another home on the same property and later moved into that home and rented out the upper large home. When time got tough he started selling off acreage of him property. Only a few more movie where made or t.v. piolot where made there. He seemed to always lease out the land for boarding horses. Lance loved animals. He was sweet and still rough. Lance always spoke his mind and put the message right out there. Tactic was his art, but he was wise and could call the shouts of someone character. He always protect me, as I was a nieve little girl. The last time I saw Lance as at the Ranch Lancerlot. I knew he moved to Northern CA as I did, but never saw him in person. We spoke on the phone a few times, but never got together. One of my most fondest memories of him was with his Australian Shepard Dog called "Tick Tick." Lance would light up a cigarette and almost place it near Tick Tick's mouth. Lance would say,"Smoke it Tick, Smoke it." OF course the dog couldn't smoke and Lance never abused the dog or any animal. I am thankful for knowing Lance and wish his family and friends peace Blessings Christine Smith-Meyerpeter

I am lynn's Rakestraw's

I am lynn's Rakestraw's Biological Blood son from Littleton Colorado. I was wondering if someone that new lynn could call me 303 907-4425 or E-mail Racecarkids3@gmail.com about some detail's about what happened....Thanks Todd a Rakestraw

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