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Firefighters respond to Chowchilla Mountain Road

(4:10 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 20) An unknown ignition source sparked a fire near the intersection of Chowchilla Mountain Road and East Westfall Road on Tuesday afternoon. By 4 p.m., the fire had burned close to five acres.

Firefighters have closed access to Triangle Road from Highway 49. East Westfall Road is also closed to traffic.

At least one helicopter is making water drops on the blaze. Multiple units are on the scene. A witness reports that the fire is burning in thick vegetation.

The MARIPOSA GAZETTE will post more information on this incident as soon as it becomes available.

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I saw the smoke after hearing

I saw the smoke after hearing the scanner report: it did not start by the road, it was near the top 1/3 of the hill west of Chow.road.I am curious what started it? (Another fire near stump.mnt last month, cause? Pattern?)There were no close thunder strikes during the current low pressure event. Cal fire tankers were on it within an hour dumping the red,and ground crews were talking over scanner freq's last night...excellent work-thank you!

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