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Are more fallow deer wandering county?

This photo, showing an adult European fallow deer, was taken off Agua Fria Road around March 1. It does not appear to be the deer euthanized by state Fish and wildlife officials on July 22.

If the times and dates are accurate, it appears that more than one exotic deer has wandered the county over the past six months. The deer that made local headlines this summer was a juvenile in May of this year.

The photo shown here was submitted by a GAZETTE reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

European fallow deer are raised commercially for venison. No one in Mariposa County has a permit for such an operation, however, state fish and wildlife spokesperson Janice Mackey said.

If you have seen or photographed a similar animal, please email editor Erik Skindrud at Erik@mariposagazette.com or call 966-2500.

This European fallow deer was photographed off Agua Fria Road around March 1, an anonymous reader said.This European fallow deer was photographed off Agua Fria Road around March 1, an anonymous reader said.

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Time to get hunting. It would

Time to get hunting. It would be awesome to shoot one

I agree, if they've been here

I agree, if they've been here this long, leave them alone, they aren't harming our wildlife or spreading any diseases! They are beautiful animals, I wouldn't tell anyone if I saw one either.

If I see one there's no way I

If I see one there's no way I would tell anyone. These poor animals don't deserve death as a punishment for living out of place. I'm sure they didn't choose it and I'm site they didn't know they were breaking the law by being in Mariposa. Why couldn't the other one be tranquilized and relocated instead of murdered by fish and game?

Why was the original fallow

Why was the original fallow deer euthanized? Yeah, I heard about the possible ticks that might infect our mule deer population, but couldn't we have tranquillized the fallow deer, removed any ticks, and then found it a secure home? Mariposa Fish and Game has just made it very hard to be trusted by animal lovers. They would be the last agency I would call with a wild animal concern.

"fallow deer leather is

"fallow deer leather is prized for making fancy shoes"

Obviously, these deer have

Obviously, these deer have been living here for some time and it is their home now. The fact that it is an illegal immigrant, not native to the country doesn't seem to be a good reason to kill it. Neither is a lot of people that come here illegally and bring over diseases, bugs, and germs from other countries and we aren't killing them! No sane reason to kill it unless its putting meat on someones table.

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