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Officers take down cartel marijuana grow

On Thursday, July 18, Mariposa County Sheriff's Deputies, assisted by other law enforcement agencies, took down a pair of marijuana gardens in Northern Mariposa County.

The crews eradicated 12,537 plants from two wilderness garden located southeast of the community of Greeley Hill.

Look for futher details in the next edition of the Mariposa Gazette.
(Photo Courtesy of the Mariposa County Sheriff's Department) Just part of the two marijuana gardens busted Thursday is pictured here.(Photo Courtesy of the Mariposa County Sheriff's Department) Just part of the two marijuana gardens busted Thursday is pictured here.

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The only thing that will

The only thing that will eliminate the cartels from growing on our soil is complete legalization without limits and regulation. Any time you add restrictions, it opens the door for organized crime. What's the big deal anyway. People die everyday from Oxycontin overdoses and you can get that at any drug store. Dispensaries are eliminated in Mariposa but drug stores and liquor stores thrive. Does that make sense. In addition, hemp could then be grown by any farmer for cloth, oil, and many other products.

The whole criminal logistical

The whole criminal logistical infustructure that backs these illegal grow patches is the problem, they transport & protect their crop/haul under untrained criminal armed guard and that posses a clear and present danger for the mariposa county law enforcement community and any unlucky civillian/ tourist that stumbles across one of these operations. in my personal opinion the county is fully capable of enforceing the laws already on the books as a majority republican county i think big govenment has bigger fish to fry, maybe detroit would be a more worthwhile venture..

This is getting more and more

This is getting more and more ridiculus...How are these Mexican cartels bringing in all the fertilizer, drip system and starter plants to such remote areas within our National Forest and no one questions why you need all this for a hiking trip or weekend camping...probably the same as those who have medical cards to grow and end up getting together with 15 other family members with cards and have upward of 1000 plants in their yards and are upset when they are robbed and shot to kill to protect their pot...I am for legalization so that you could have 3 plants for personal use if that is your thing...But the drug ?cartels come and go....who profits from the eradication of these grows...ATF should control processing and sell it to dispensaries...Just a thought...

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