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Campfire sparked Carstens Fire

An unattended campfire sparked the Carstens Fire on Sunday afternoon, fire officials said at Tuesday's Mariposa County Board of Supervisors meeting. The fire has burned 1,600 acres and remains just 15 percent contained.

Hundreds of Mariposa County residents from Jerseydale, Mariposa Pines, Lushmeadows, and Bootjack are still under mandatory evacuation orders.

Darrah Road is closed to all traffic at Valley View Road. Triangle Road is closed from Highway 140 to East Westfall Road.

As of this morning, 2,237 fire fighters are on scene. 

The primary concern of the fire fighters is the weather conditions as the fire is being pushed by wind and strong breezes. The wind is predicted to be blowing in a westerly direction this afternoon.

Look for further details as they become available.

John-Mark Brix submitted this photo of the Carstens Fire flaring up on Monday.John-Mark Brix submitted this photo of the Carstens Fire flaring up on Monday.

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Many times I have observed

Many times I have observed tourists set up camp on open land on Whitlock and 140. They think their is no restrictions on camping. Flop anywhere.

Thanks to the Mariposa

Thanks to the Mariposa Gazette for being the only consistent source of information. For those of us who are evacuated, it would be great to see a map of the fire and the evacuated zones.

An accident I can abide. But

An accident I can abide. But careless stupidity or negligence in such a dry year calls for a public hanging!

If not a hanging, they should

If not a hanging, they should be responsible for the cost of the fire!

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