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Sheriff seeks dangerous, wanted man

Jill Ballinger

The Mariposa County Sheriff's Office is looking for a man on the run.

Martin Guerrero, Jr., 42, has fled his Cathey's Valley rental and appears to be in hiding. He is wanted by local law enforcement on charges of rape, sodomy, felony domestic violence with serious injury and false imprisonment.

Guerrero is believed to be in possession of a black bicycle.

Anyone with information about Guerrero's whereabouts is asked to contact the sheriff's office or their local law enforcement agency. Anyone who encounters Guerrero is asked to call 911.

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my bad my friend just texted

my bad my friend just texted that he managed to get away so I guess they are still looking for him

He was caught in Catheys

He was caught in Catheys Valley. When my friend saw my post I shared of this story he texted me and said he had the guy at the CV store for me to call the cops. I did well my friend kept the guy entertained by talking to him he wandered down the road but the cops found him. Great job to the upstanding citizen who informed me where he was and kept him busy til the cops could arrive!!!

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