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Slow-speed chase ends near Grosjean Road

Erik Skindrud / GAZETTE EDITOR

A Ford F-150 truck led a procession of CHP officers and Sheriff's deputies across the county on Friday before the driver lost control near Grosjean Road.

The 55-year-old man behind the wheel appeared not to have been seriously injured in the incident.

A civilian CHP employee spotted the pickup as it crossed from Merced County into Mariposa around 3:10 p.m. on Friday. Law enforcement in Merced County reported two hit-and-run accidents involving the vehicle.

Witnesses reported that the vehicle "was all over the road," CHP Sgt. Becky Hagen said. Officers and deputies pulled back as the Ford passed through the town of Mariposa so as not to risk an accident, Sgt. Hagen added.

As the vehicle approached Grojean Road, it crossed over the center line plowed through scrub and rolled--leaving it stranded. Local firefighters used a hydraulic cutting device to free the trapped driver.

The driver may have been suffering from an unspecified medical condition, Sgt. Hagen said.

Photo: Erik SkindrudPhoto: Erik Skindrud

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Thank you Ms. Weber. When the

Thank you Ms. Weber. When the truck (and law enforcement cars following it) through town, speeds ranged from 20 to 25 mph. It was very bizarre to see. I appreciate you letting us know that it didn't stay "slow."

This was not a slow speed

This was not a slow speed chase! My husband and son was almaost killed by this truck today! We live on Grosjean not Grojean Rd. and he was leaving heading for town when he sirens. So he pulled to the right shoulder, and found a Ford truck coming about a 100 mph! The truck lost control and went up an extremely steep embankment and hit a tree approx. 50 ft up the side! Then it flipped and spun several times landing where my husband had been pulled over. Luckily he was able to move out of the way as fast as he could go in reverse! Then the cops and sheriffs got out and pointed guns straight toward the direction of their vehicle! My six year old saw the entire thing! I really don't appreciate how this incident is being down played by the law enforcement and local news! What a crock! Please feel free to contact for the real story! My husband and child were the one and only on-site witnesses and potential victims of this "slow speed chase".

You are greatly exaggerating,

You are greatly exaggerating, Justine. The CHP officer who was following him through the entire chase said his speed never exceeded 55-60 MPH, so to say he was going 100 MPH shows that either you or your husband is a liar. You can't argue with a CHP video that shows the whole thing. His truck never "flipped and spun several times," either, so maybe start by asking your husband to tell you the story again, and this time tell it like it really happened. Get your story straight before being a know-it-all and trying to scare people.

As family of the man in the

As family of the man in the accident, we saw the video CHP had and you are over exaggerating. And to confirm, he was suffering from a medical condition and on the path to recovery. But anyone who reads this, please keep immediate family in your prayers because their lives have changed in so many ways since the accident. I'm glad it's being played down to prevent embarrassment and thankful he is alive.

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