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Mariposa man arrested on Illinois pot warrant

A Mariposa man is behind bars this morning after US Marshalls arrested him on a warrant out of McHenry County, Ill.

Michael David McCutcheon, 43, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon near his Triangle Park Road home. He is charged with conspiracy to traffic marijuana, possession with intent to traffic and conspiracy to possess more than 5,000 grams of marijuana.

McCutcheon is being held on $200,000 bail at the Mariposa County Jail. 

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5000 GM = 11 lbs+ Trafficing

5000 GM = 11 lbs+ Trafficing drugs from another state. This is not home /personal use of a "registered medical" user. Lock him up and throw away the key. There are too many kids in our town already affected by this drug and a guys like this is doing but help perpetuate the epidemic problem.

We let the genie out of the

We let the genie out of the bottle with this "medicinal" pot and the consequences are growing. This person, like all, is considered innocent until proven guilty. But when a person can ask for a 'cannabis' prescription and probably get it without much question, and that allows something like 99 plants, pounds of weed, etc., the opportunity to abuse this is great and the abuse, and suffering is growing. Too bad. Invasion robberies, people genuinely helped being suspect, if the cannabis is good, and it may be for some actual illness, then why not extract the ingredient and dispense like any other prescription? What next, magic mushrooms? Poppies? Coca plant? We need a discussion on the damage being done, with respect to the actual good. I think we have gone the wrong way. Just my opinion.

The only damage being done

The only damage being done here that I see is to a man's life. Extracting the active ingredient is next to impossible.There is no one active ingredient- they work together in a synergistic manner. Just like we are now discovering with nutrition- there is no substitute for the whole food- vitamins are not the answer- a healthy diet is. There are over 100 active compounds in cannabis- only one of them is psychoactive. I have lost 100 pounds, and stopped taking multiple mind altering prescriptions daily in exchange for my medical cannabis. I am far less *stoned* and a better citizen, employee, parent and wife for it. Very few people would ever guess that I am a medical cannabis patient, or that I am *medicated* 90% of the time. I have multiple health issues that have been resolved or gone into remission with cannabis treatment- my pills gave me more side effects and did not make me feel better- I felt worse. And let me tell you- stopping those pills was HARD!!! But when I run out of cannabis (due to finances because it is ridiculous what we have to pay) I do not get sick, other than my health issues flaring up if I go too long. I know many people who daily take Vicodin, Xanax, muscle relaxers and other addictive pills. This is legal. But a plant that kills no one and has proven safe medical results is illegal? No, this is not okay. Wake up America- hemp - both fiber and medicinal are extremely helpful plants- that get in the way of more profit of the big companies. Du Pont is still fighting the legalization of hemp as an agricultural crop. Hemp can be turned into just about anything- clothing, building materials, food, fuel, plastic... the list is endless. It grows easily, with minimal water and chemicals, and on just about any terrain. Fiber hemp looks completely different from medicinal cannabis.

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