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Car lot, home busted for pot sales


Merced County authorities made a raid on two Mariposa County properties on Feb. 26, and the action landed three members of one family in jail.

According to Merced County Sheriff's Deputy Delray Shelton, Michael Noriega, Laura Lee Noriega and Kenneth Noriega were all arrested for possession of marijuana for sale, possession of a controlled substance and various related charges.

The search warrants were served at the family's Blackberry Creek Road home and at Laura Lee's Auto Sales on Mormon Bar Crossing.

For the full story, see this week's Mariposa Gazette.

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Rich business owners....who

Rich business owners....who ever you are...I am one of those business owners..but I am far from rich. Actually I am at poverty level.For your information most business owners in Mariposa put more hours in than the average person who works and does not collect from the system. We choose our work because we like to be independent and we love to work in Mariposa and raise our children. If you add up our hours by the number of days we work, our income is way below most that are employed by county, state or federal workers. We have no pension, no freebies, no vacation time, most have no health insurance and we don't use the "system". We are an independent breed who simply are making do with very little. So who ever you are chose you words more wisely because you do not know what your speaking of.

Nothing new like comment

Nothing new like comment above well to do family spoiled rotten children. Glad there being held accountable karma has a way of catching up even there regular buisness was shady in its own way ripping people off on cars since I could remember

Nothing new. Rich business

Nothing new. Rich business owners break laws to get richer. Spoiled rich kid not working or making an honest living... sounds like the norm... good to here people are being held accountable for their actions.

I don't know why people are

I don't know why people are upset with Gazettes paragraph,the Merced Sun Star had a 4 column spread on this story,which included 4 different agencies involved during a 6 week investigation. They even had mug shots!!

Well, I guess that explains

Well, I guess that explains the all night traffic parade at their house. Now maybe the neighbors can get some sleep.



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