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Multiple Twitter accounts hacked

By Erik Skindrud / GAZETTE EDITOR

Twitter accounts for officials with Yosemite National Park and the local Chamber of Commerce, the MARIPOSA GAZETTE and others were hijacked on Wednesday, with junk messages sent to account followers. 

According to information on Twitter's Web site, changing an account's password should fix the problem.

Without doing a complicated and expensive investigation, it's hard to know who or what is responsible, said Mike Bird, a computer consultant with Iron Mountain Systems. 

The most important thing for computer users to remember is not to open any unsolicited attachment in any email.

"If someone sends you a joke or card, the safest thing to do is not to open it," Bird said. 

Computer users can install anti-virus programs to keep malicious software at bay, he added.

Sierra Tel engineer Brian Blott said he had not heard of the Feb. 20 security breach, but added that such incidents are common. 

"This could be from overseas, for all we know," Blott said. "It sounds to me like somebody locally has some malware that got attached to a device. It's hard to know exactly what may have happened."

The GAZETTE was notified about the problem early Wednesday by workers in Yosemite National Park who had received rogue Twitter messages. On Tuesday, a GAZETTE staffer received a similar message from an administrator in Yosemite. Other accounts were similarly affected. 

Higher-profile security breaches involving Twitter this week targeted accounts used by Burger King and vehicle manufacturer Jeep.

In the Burger King incident, a false message claimed that McDonald's had taken over its fast-food rival.

Look for more on local Twitter hacking in the Feb. 28 MARIPOSA GAZETTE.

Image: GAZETTE photo illustration.

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I actually received two

I actually received two Twitter direct messages from @mariposagazette this morning. You might also have been hacked.

Why would the county need a

Why would the county need a twitter account to begin with? Bla

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