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Mariposa man seriously injured in crash


A 21-year-old Mariposa man was seriously injured in a head-on collision in Ahwahnee on Feb. 12.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Conrad Mendosa was driving northbound on Highway 49 near Laurie Lane when Shastalei Nelson, 20, of Ahwahnee, crossed the double yellow line and hit his vehicle head on.

Nelson was not injured, but Mendosa suffered major injuries and had to be airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno. 

No information on his condition was available.

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I think its just like man

I think its just like man slaughter. Distracted driving should be investigated. i dont care what she was doing doesnt make it worth the repercussions of her inattentiveness. He probably swerved braked and did everything in his power to get away lol -friend

How utterly sad that anyone

How utterly sad that anyone would think that someone drives across the yellow line on purpose. I assume that the family of Conrad never ever answered a phone while driving or smoked or ate in their car. Really come on guys I know this is a very very painful situation but accidents happen all the time and frankly you can not just put blame on one. I am sorry that Conrad is suffering and may not be all of what he could have been but maybe God has bigger and better plans for him now. I do not know either of these families and I read these comments in aww of how ugly words can be. Please realize that accidents happen and that no one deserves to spend their lives in jail due to this. If you are not aware of the Dalton Mayne story maybe you should look it up and understand that accidents happen. The driver of that accident has not suffered at the loss of his best friend. Please for the sake of others do not post negative bickering on here it is hurtful and anger does subside. God Bless both of your families and I will be keeping both in prayer.

First and foremost, I'd like

First and foremost, I'd like to say how thankful I am that there were no fatalities in this unfortunate and tragic accident. It has no doubt impacted and changed the lives of BOTH drivers. However, there is NO NEED to be so hateful towards Shastalei. She too is a great kid, daughter, sister, aunt, and best friend just as the other driver is. How wrong of you people to sit there and act as if Shastlei has done this to Conrad as anything other than an accident! An ACCIDENT is EXACTLY what it was. To the brother of Conrad, if the tables were turned and it was your brother who walked away with minor injuries while my sister was laying in the hospital I'm sure you would be there to defend him as I am doing for my sister Shastalei. You, or anyone for that matter, knows the state of mind Shasta has been in since this occurred. Just because she walked away doesn't mean she isn't scared. As far as Conrad's future being "ruined" by Shastalei as if she did this on purpose, is completely irrational. So everyone needs to stop judging my sister from the sidelines and remind themselves that judgement isn't a good look on anybody! Again, Conrad is in our thoughts and prayers.

I want to thank the first

I want to thank the first responders who came to my brotgers aide that night. I have no doubt you saved his life. Conrad has severe injuries that compromise his dreams and goals in life. Shastalei, I dint know what you were doing that justifies ruining my brothers hopes and dreams but I hope you understand the gravity of your negligence and I am personally pushing in every way I can to see justice served. You cant even begin to understand what you have done to a man his future.

Thank God Conrad will

Thank God Conrad will recover, but the girl driving.... Really needs to be investigated as to weather she was texting while driving, check her phone, because she needs to be in jail if she was! She almost KILLED, a great kid, son, brother, best friend, and needs to pay for her "mistake"

I lost my sister along with

I lost my sister along with two other people two years ago, to a distracted driver. Thank god Conrad made it through this. I'm so happy for him and his family. Wether texting, eating, talking or whatever, people please pay attention to your driving! I pray Conrad has a full recovery.

Conrad is in stable

Conrad is in stable condition.

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