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Mitchell arrest clarified


In the Feb. 7 edition of the Mariposa Gazette, a story about a burglary arrest incorrectly names one of those arrested as a suspect in the burglaries.

Torey Mitchell was in fact arrested on Feb. 4 at the location where two suspected burglars were caught. Mitchell, however, was taken into custody on an unrelated domestic violence warrant.

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I think its funny that on

I think its funny that on facebook, this mans baby momma is stating that his picture was on the front page and he was stated to be the third person arrested for burglary when it cleary says he was arrested on a unrelated charge. And he was not on the front page, it was the back page. I'd rather be know for burglar instead of a beater. A crime is a crime and this isn't the first time he's be in trouble, he has quite a record. People need to get facts straight before taking to facebook and bashing Jill as an editor and person when if fact what you're saying is wrong.

Hilarious that such a fit was

Hilarious that such a fit was thrown over such a "slanderous misrepresentation" of what this guy was arrested for... Has a warrant out for being a beater, but PLEASE don't let the public mistake him for a thief instead? What is wrong with this picture! Its a bit laughable, but sad.

So really a warrant for

So really a warrant for domestic violence is that much better than being a burglary suspect. Either way his arrest was justified, he had committed a crime so he would have been in the paper either way especially since he was in the same location as the burglary suspects. What really bothers me is what I have read on social networks from people upset that the story was incorrect, but let's get real he still had a warrant out for his arrest regardless and was in the same location as the burglary suspects. So maybe you should stop pointing the finger at the writer of this article and get your own life together.

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