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Supervisors oppose Yosemite ice rink removal proposal

Erik Skindrud / GAZETTE EDITOR

Three Mariposa County supervisors said they want Yosemite Valley's ice rink to stay--despite its place on a list of items proposed for removal as part of the Park's Merced River Plan.

The elected officials made their comments at Tuesday's board of supervisors meeting. The Park released its Merced River Plan proposals on Jan. 8.  

"I hope the Park reconsiders the ice rink," supervisor Janet Bibby said. "That ice rink is a draw--and my understanding is that national parks are for public use."

Bibby discussed retaining the ice rink with local tourism bureau director Terry Selk over the past week, she said.

The ice rink is included in a list of visitor amentities that would be taken out of Yosemite Valley if the Park's "prefered alternative" is approved and implemented. Other items on the list include the rental of river rafts, horse and mule rides, a bridge near The Ahwahnee hotel and parking spaces and camp sites adjacent to the Merced River. 

Supervisor Kevin Cann, a former Park deputy superintendent, also lamented the ice rink's potential loss. 

The ice rink "is a portable kind of thing, so you just have to find a good parking lot (away from the river) to put it in for the winter," he said.

Cann said the ice rink might be a red herring designed to distract folks from other items slated for removal under the Park proposal.

"(The ice rink) may be the thing they are hanging out there for people to fight over while they see other things (listed on the plan) slide through," Cann told listeners on Tuesday.

Supervisor John Carrier, one of two new members of the board, also voiced support for the ice rink.

"Within (the Merced River Plan), the only change I'm disappointed with is the skating rink," he said.

The public has until April 18 to comment on the plan. Visit www.nps.gov/yose/parkmgmt/mrp.htm to learn more.

Yosemite National Park's ice rink is located at Curry Village in Yosemite Valley. Image courtesy DNCYosemite National Park's ice rink is located at Curry Village in Yosemite Valley. Image courtesy DNC

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What a shame. There are

What a shame. There are tourists but there is also the community of Mariposa County and its a county with very little activities for children. It is rather deploring how little there is for kids to do in the county. Many local children enjoy the rink. And it does seem a herring... taking out rafting and riding as well?

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