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Mariposa man arrested in Nebraska pot case


The Associated Press is reporting that 38-year-old Matthew Hornsby of Mariposa has been arrested in Nebraska.

Authorities say Hornsby was arrested after 80 pounds of marijuana were found in a vehicle he was driving down Interstate 80 in western Nebraska.

The Nebraska State Patrol says a trooper pulled over a sport utility vehicle that had been speeding just after 5 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 3.

The patrol says the driver gave permission for a vehicle search. The patrol says the pot was found in a duffel bag and a luggage carrier that had been placed in the back of the SUV.

Hornsby remained in custody on Friday, pending $250,000 bail.

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I agree with Ray -- if you

I agree with Ray -- if you are going to transport any kind of drugs -- be legal with everything -- and don't forget the lic. plate tags being current. Just because you're in Nebr., don't count them as being stupid -- YOU ARE!!! Enjoy your stay, stupid. Oh yeah! It gets colder there than in Mariposa and the heat in summer -- killer!

This goes to show how flawed

This goes to show how flawed the criminal brain is!If a rational person was going to be doing something illegal,wouldn't they obey the speed limit,make sure all of their lights are working and use their turn signals? Many lawbreakers are caught because they can't follow ths simple logic! Which is good for us....Ray Dolchanczyk

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