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Moretti sentenced to 10 years in prison

In Mariposa County Superior Court this morning, Mary Patricia Moretti, who embezzled over $102,000 from Mariposa County while employed in the tax collector's office received her sentence.

Superior Court Judge Wayne Parrish handed down a 10-year sentence to state prison for the offense, coupled with another conviction for stealing $31,000 from the Yosemite Summit Conference.

Robert Iwama, who prosecuted the case for Mariposa County, said he felt the sentence was appropriate. Iwama pointed out that this was the result of an intense investigation by Mariposa County Deputy Sheriff Wes Smith.

District Attorney Thomas Cooke also praised the Mariposa County Sheriff's Department for their excellent work and stressed that Moretti stole from each and every citizen in Mariposa County as well as the people served by the Yosemite Summit Conference, and that she was deserving of a 10 year sentence to the department of corrections.

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What she did s no different

What she did s no different than the county counsel and kosher demanding higher salaries in this economy. They should serve jail time too.

Hopefully the County of

Hopefully the County of Mariposa has implemented procedures of checks and balances so that dishonest people cannot do this again. Wondering: How much is it going to cost the State of California residents to keep her in prison for ten years? This woman has turned out to be very expensive.

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