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Caltrans provides update on hillside


Caltrans officials in Stockton have responded to the Highway 49 situation.

Shawntelle Miller of Caltrans told the Gazette that she is working to get complete information on the erosion control that was done on the hillside near Ashworth Road. Because of the statewide storms, however, Miller said contacting the right people was proving difficult.

Miller said there was "some hydro-seeding" done, but she didn't know how much or how effective it is.

Local Caltrans maintenance crews are on site monitoring the issue, Miller said. She noted that the mud has not passed the fog line, and that crews will be using a snow plow to remove the mud from the side of the road.

Miller also said that her office has been in contact with Supervisor Jim Allen this morning after he said his Nov. 21 emails about the problem were not answered. She said there must have been an "error with email boxes" that prevented Allen from getting an answer.

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I actually saw the

I actually saw the hydroseeding being done, but they put on a very light coat. I thought they were going to spray again before the rains...

"some hydro-seeding" ... I

"some hydro-seeding" ... I don't think so. I kept wondering when they were going to put the seed foam on that severe cut. There never was any green growing on that hill. I think someone at Caltrans.

I drive by there everyday as

I drive by there everyday as many do. Funny I never saw any "hydro-seeding" being done. I must have missed that. Sounds like a typical CYA answer to me.

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