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Forecasters back off from big-snow winter

Weakening El Nino conditions make it less likely that the coming precipitation season will make up for last year's skimpy snow and rainfall, a leading climate scientist has told the GAZETTE. 

Erik Skindrud / GAZETTE PHOTOErik Skindrud / GAZETTE PHOTO

“El Nino seems to be backing off as far as the signals we’re getting,” Dr. Kelly Redmond of the Western Regional Climate Prediction Center at Reno said. “Over the last week or two, it’s come back to a mixed picture."

Earlier this month, several news sources reported that a moderate El Nino would bring Central California greater-than-average rain and snow this coming season.

Meanwhile, Friday's ghost of a storm laid down just a trace of moisture in Mariposa. Wawona got a bit more--.14 of an inch, according to the National Weather Service.

See the Oct. 18 MARIPOSA GAZETTE for more on long-range forecasts for the coming winter season.

Photo: Hugh Sakols shovels at Badger Pass during the storm of March 2011. 

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