2012-09-06 / Obituaries

In memoriam

The loss of Ashley Sala is a tragedy that will never fade in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have known her. Especially as her peers go through rites of passage, and make new discoveries that Ashley will never have the opportunity to experience. Ashley was a Godsend, an angel of mercy that gave without thought of reward. The whole thing just doesn't seem fair-that a person as compassionate, selfless, and driven as she was would simply be robbed of the gift of life. However, I pray that as the years go on, we can find it within ourselves to mourn Ash less and follow in her footsteps more.

I like to think that Ashley stays heavy on our hearts because she's watching over us, still trying to inspire us to save the world. And I feel it is our duty to help as many people as we can in her memory. Because that's what Ashley would be doing if she were still alive; and, if we will never get the chance to pay her back for the light she brought into our lives, the least we can do is pay it forward.

Michelle White

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i love her she was the best

i love her she was the best cousin she could be and i love her!

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