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Four fires sparked along Darrah Road

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012 -- Around 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, firefighters responded to four separate blazes that had been ignited along Darrah Road.

The fires were quickly contained, and only one structure on Whispering Pines was threatened.

Fire officials suspect a vehicle dragging a chain or similar ignition device sparked the blazes. At 1:30 p.m. crews were still mopping up and constructing fuel breaks around the fires.

A group of civilians helped stop the second fire until crews could arrive.

No property was reported damaged, other than fence posts, and no injuries were reported.
Firefighters mop up a blaze along Darrah Road at Whispering Pines early Wednesday afternoon. (Dan Tucker | The Gazette)Firefighters mop up a blaze along Darrah Road at Whispering Pines early Wednesday afternoon. (Dan Tucker | The Gazette)

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I am one of the properties on

I am one of the properties on Darrah Road, where the fire happened. My property was the first to ignite. The fire was heading to my house until two local men both stopped and grabbed shovels from my shed, while I used my hose to save my home, so I disagree with the home on Whispering Pines only property where the house was threatened. By the time the firemen got there, the neighbors had extinguished a big portion of it. I stood outside for an hour with a hose, protecting my home. Luckily my neighbors were fast acting, as the fire was spreading quickly. I am sure their fast actions saved my home and I am very grateful. I had firemen on my property, for quite awhile, making sure the fire was out. I am grateful to all who aided in protecting my home. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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