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Unknown vandals hit signs off Hwy. 140

An attack by vandals has damaged a group of hand-lettered signs that were visible from Highway 140 just south of town.

A fourth sign that read “Please Watch Glenn Beck” was either stolen or knocked down in the incident. Posted for the past two or three years, the Glenn Beck sign refered to the former television host, whose program ran on Fox News from Jan. 2009 to June of 2011.

The first three signs went up in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and were not intended as any partisan political statement, said Marshall Long, whose parents Frank and Frances Long own the 3,000-acre Long Ranch between Mariposa and Cathey’s Valley.

“I’m thinking of putting out a reward to find out who did this,” Marshall Long said on Aug. 1. “I know a lot of people appreciated the signs. They will go up again, that’s for sure.”

The vandalism was noted on Sunday, July 26. As of Aug. 1, Long said he hadn’t filed a report with the local Sheriff’s office, however.

Amateur signmaker Wallace Stiers of Lushmeadows crafted the signs after 9-11. His daughter, Sherry McIntosh, refreshed the signs with new paint at least once over the years.

--Erik Skindrud / GAZETTE Reporter

Look for a full report in the MARIPOSA GAZETTE on Thursday, Aug. 9.

Photos: After (left) and before images show the signs on the Long Ranch south of Mariposa on Highway 140. Left photo: Jill Ballinger / GAZETTE Editor. Right photo: Robbie Graham

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I saw these signs for years

I saw these signs for years hundreds of times. The Glenn Beck sign was pure politics. It is one thing to express your opinion, but to have that opinion forced in your face every day for years is not patriotic. It only angers people that disagree with you. It was only a question of time before someone who did not agree with seeing these signs every day wold do something as rash as the signs themselves.

How can the article not know

How can the article not know whether the Glenn Beck sign was stolen or knocked down? Seems like there's a difference.

Vandalism is wrong, but I

Vandalism is wrong, but I can't help but feel glad that the Glenn Beck promotion sign is gone.

This is what Punks Do,they

This is what Punks Do,they don't have any thing constructive going on in their lives so they try and make evey one elses lives as screwed up as their own. But that don't happen!

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