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Deputies arrest two for murder


The mystery surrounding the discovery of a body on Triangle Road in May has been solved. Mariposa County Sheriff's detectives have arrested two men for murder, and more arrests could be forthcoming.

According to Mariposa County Sheriff Doug Binnewies, detectives arrested 42-year-old Jose Jimenez of Madera County and 29-year-old Patrick Lozano of Merced on July 19.

Both men are suspected in the murder of 44-year-old Gerald Fontes of Madera County. The body found May 25 in Mariposa County has been positively identified as that of Fontes, who was reported missing in Madera County on March 4. 

Binnewies said his detectives investigation led to the arrest of Jimenez and Lozano and was associated to an auto mechanic shop in Madera.

"Our investigators have worked very hard to put this together," the sheriff said. "The investigation is continuing, and we anticipate further arrests."

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Those Bastards Deserve To Be

Those Bastards Deserve To Be In PRISON. They Shouldn't Even Have A Bail They Should Have Prison For Life, For What They Did To Gerald. Even If One Of Them Is Innocent, When Those Bastards Were Hurting And Beating Gerald He Could Have Helped Gerald Not Stand There Waiting For A Street Car. They Don't Know What Its Like To Lose Somebody You Love. I Hope Somebody Hirts Them A's Much As They Hurt Gerald R.i.p Gerald ~Gone But Never Forgotten~

patrick lozano is innocent

patrick lozano is innocent look it over detective hendricks patrick was scared for his own life as well as geralds! They were cousins!!

We all love and miss u gerald

We all love and miss u gerald rest in paradise

There is no doubt in my mind

There is no doubt in my mind that the Detective assigned to this case will make sure she does her best to make the people responsible for this death are held accountable. Mariposa Sheriff' Department takes pride in their work and will not allow these types of crimes to be acceptable in their county. I hope the Fontes Family will be able to find closure. So very sorry for your loss.

RIP uncle gerald !!! i didnt

RIP uncle gerald !!! i didnt see him very much ! last time i remember talking to him was in my moms car we where watching a movie in my moms car . driving to a store to go buy soda ! but when i did see him. i would be right next to him! the whole time i was with him. i like going to his house to go play and hang out !! i like to talk to his kids they are the most coolest kids ever ! well... im going to miss him so ever much ! i know my dad misses him to! his brother ! if i had one wish it would to bring him back to are family ! WELL ALL MISS YOU UNCLE GERALD !!!!!! ___RIP___ <3

I met Gerald a year ago he

I met Gerald a year ago he was very fond of me and such a nice guy, I had just saw him the weekend before he went missing and he was sooo happy to be working... to here he was missing saddend me,,, I prayed he was ok and if not ok that his body be found so his family could have closure... He will be greatly missed! Great job Mariposa Sheriff! I hope all involved gets fried and goes to hell! R.I.P. Gerald!

I just wanted to thank the

I just wanted to thank the Mariposa Detectives who responded to the recovery of Gerald Fontes it was an excellent job. Gerald was a very dear friend of mine hes the father of my two grandsons. I really got close to him when i moved back to Madera. I'm so glad GOD allowed him and his sons to have a good relationship and when they went to Hawaii together that will always be a good memory in behalf of my two grandsons thank you Mariposas finest Gerald also had a grandson who he got to enjoy for awhile. Its very sad that something like this had to happened i just want justice for the Fontes Family.

Aloha Paulette...My family

Aloha Paulette...My family and I were devastated when we heard Gerald was missing; we spent time with him and the boys. Gerald is my uncle and I am one of the family members that he came to see in Hawai'i. He and his boys spent their time here at my mother's home. They also spent time at my home and I am grateful that we were able to share many special moments together. I can tell you that they had the time of their lives and they were planning to come back for a future visit (bringing your grandson the next time). Gerald will be missed dearly. Tell your grandson's that we miss and love them dearly and we cannot wait for them to come back and visit. RIP Uncle...I love you!

What a tragic death. Glad to

What a tragic death. Glad to see that the people responsible are in jail!! Was this not Mariposa County's case? I agree and speak for all and say WAY TO GO MARIPOSA DEYECTIVES FOR A JOB WELL DONE!! It's nice to know that our Sheriff Department cares so much about these kinds of crimes and are able to put in so much time and effort in all of their cases.

I,ve read the comments above

I,ve read the comments above :) and we do have the best sheriffs dept around . thank you to the sheriffs dept and all that you do for us to keep us safe :)

I knew first hand that if the

I knew first hand that if the person found was Gerald that the best detectives I know would get to the bottom of what happen to him and who did this awful senseless sickening thoughtless killing. My heart is heavy with sadness for all the family. He was a son, brother, father an uncle and loved by many. I pray for healing peace and comfort for all who loved him. Nobody should have to go through this in life nobody! Only time can begin to heal the broken hearted of all that are missing Gerald. The detectives in Mariposa are the very best. When my brother Harvey Orman was found in Mariposa the detectives there did not stop until the people who caused his death were in prison and I know they will do the same for Gerald. Thank you to all the hard work and long hours you devote to bring people to justice. May God bless you and your families not just for doing your job but for always going the extra mile to make a difference in this twisted world!

Thank You to the Mariposa

Thank You to the Mariposa County Sheriffs Department for their dedicated work for Gerald... Hes been a family friend of ours for the last 10 years and he has always been a nice man. I hope his mother can now find peace knowing her son has been found<3 Rest in Peace Gerald... Tell my sister I said Hi...<3

Hip Hip Hooray for our

Hip Hip Hooray for our detectives. A job well done.

I would like to recognize the

I would like to recognize the hard work that has put an end to the family wondering where Gerald was left. What our local police did not do was done by outsiders and we are all grateful for that. His family can mourn and bring him home where he belongs. I pray that EVERYONE involved in such a senseless murder are brought to justice.

Bravo to the Mariposa

Bravo to the Mariposa Sheriff's Office and Detectives for making arrests on the unjust murder of Gerald Fontes. I hope this will bring some comfort for the Fontes Family. You moved quickly on this issue, where another county would not!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Mariposa has a very well run

Mariposa has a very well run and managed Sheriff's Office and we not only can rest well that our safety is being looked at but when a crime occurs these folks sort it out! Great job!

Mariposa Sheriff is PRICELESS

Mariposa Sheriff is PRICELESS in my books! I cant even find the words to describe the excellent job they did. How could I thank you gals?

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