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Representative McClintock voices opposition to NPS plan

By Erik Skindrud

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Rather than spending the

Rather than spending the money on another office building and another visitor center, the Parks Service should spend the money repairing the failing and dilapidated facilities they currently own. They have plenty of work to do if they just started fixing the bathrooms, campgrounds and roads, not to mention the infrastructure we don't see.

Wow. Coming from a community

Wow. Coming from a community that refused development and expansion only to have it go to other communities, it is disappointing to see that Mariposa is doing the same. What I see walking around is people in dire need of jobs, medical care and a whole host of other services that the county is not providing and cannot due to insufficient sales revenue. Why wouldn't Mariposa WANT to be more of a destination if it would better their community? It would bring in more revenue for more restaurants and more tax revenue. If this center is going to happen regardless, why not make a bid for it and do it right? Is it beyond the scope of the town to be engaged in planning this well? If those vacant offices were rentable, surely they would have been by now. But oh, yeah, there are few local customers with enough free capital in town to support that many more businesses. Bizarre thinking.

The point is made that there

The point is made that there are an abundance of office space already available for lease. This is evidence that Yosemite Valley conjestion will not be effected by another government building. It's sad that if the money isn't grabbed for Mariposa it will be wasted somewhere else. The idea is spend less not more.

The government owns enough

The government owns enough property. I appreciate Congressman McClintocks common sense approach. He is for the people. I especially appreciate Ronika Johnson for standing up for the residents in the mountains and foothills. Thank you.

18 acres???? that is

18 acres???? that is excessive to accomplish the goal of a visitor center & museum, parking. The additional 11 acres is a parcel located across the street that only serves the interest of the developer (convention center/hotel/gifts-same owner:Cedar Lodge,Yosemite View, El Portal) as the 11 ACRES serves as a walkway to the developer's property, and don't think the local hotels/restaurants/gift shops wont feel the impact of that! Not only that, but wHy should taxpayer's flip the bill for intersection, turning lanes and EMINENT DOMAIN on HWY 140 for special interests? There are other alternatives to development!

I agree with you :)

I agree with you :)

I totally agree, we do not

I totally agree, we do not need more Government! If the park is too crowded, that's the Fed's problem, not the state or the county. They are the one's letting to many people in the park, at any one time. no one else. Why would they want to build a mega visitors center in one place? There is already empty building in Mariposa, Oakhurst, Groveland and Lee vining! I do believe tourists use all the entrance's, not just Mariposa!

I stand with those who want

I stand with those who want less government control - WE SHOULDN'T BE SPENDING MONEY WE DON'T HAVE - CALIF IS BROKE - The projected cost of this project far exceeds 1.8 million....

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