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Tragedy unfolds on Merced River

Just after 4 p.m. Friday afternoon, first responders were summoned to the Briceburg Bridge on the Merced River to respond to a drowning.

A middle-aged, white male and his group, girl scouts on an outing from the Central Valley, drowned while trying to rescue his daughter. According to the account from the CAL FIRE firefighter on scene, the man saw his daughter get pulled below the surface by the river's current and he dove in to rescue her.

Reportedly, she popped back to the surface, but he did not. First responders including Mercy Ambulance medics, a BLM ranger, citizens and Mariposa County Sheriff's Office deputies administered CPR at the scene for more than 30 minutes, but the man was pronounced dead.

Look for more details on this tragic event in the next Mariposa Gazette.

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How in the world do you as a

How in the world do you as a news organization think it is okay to publish a video of CPR being performed on a drowning victim, that tragically did not survive? The heartache his family is experiencing is unreal and to know that the man's last chance of life is being broadcasted on the news is disturbing and disgusting. You should be ashamed!!

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