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Fifty buses ticketed during enforcement operation

A surprise bus inspection conducted by California Highway Patrol on June 14 and 15 found 50 buses in Yosemite Valley in violation of vehicle codes and other rules.

The goal of the operation was to ensure tour bus safety by removing unsafe vehicles and disqualified drivers from service.

During the check, 63 buses were inspected. A total of 50 were found to be in violation. Three buses were pulled from service and five bus drivers were placed out of service due to licensing and log book violations. In order not to inconvenience visitors, inspections were conducted when groups were off the buses.

In most cases on-site repairs were made and buses continued to serve visitors. Replacement buses were brought in to serve visitors on buses removed from service. CHP bus inspections will occur at unannounced times in the future.

The goal of the effort is to protect motorists and passengers from unsafe buses.

The photo shows a bus inspection in Yosemite Valley in September of last year.

Photo credit: NPS.

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Great job CHP...keep up the

Great job CHP...keep up the awesome work!!! Mega Kudos on keeping the public safe!!!

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