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Caltrans Wednesday job was delayed from June 15

A Caltrans repaving job that halted traffic along Highway 140 on Wednesday was originally scheduled to occur on June 15. The change resulted in no community announcement for the job, Caltrans spokesperson Angela Daprato said.

"It was an oversight and we apologize for that," Daprato said on Wednesday afternoon.

Crews applied close to 800 tons of fresh asphalt during the operation, Daprato said.

Caltrans workers used a grinder to remove degraded pavement from stretches of Highway 140 between Mariposa and Midpines on Wednesday before laying down the fresh topping.

Normal traffic flow was scheduled to resume on Wednesday evening.

Erik Skindrud/GAZETTE REPORTERErik Skindrud/GAZETTE REPORTERMariposa County's Public Works Department is taking ground asphalt from the project to lay down on dirt sections of Allred Road, county engineer Randy McAndrews said.

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I have just returned from

I have just returned from entering 140 at East Whitlock to make my way to town. It took more than 30 minutes! The traffic in town is totally backed up. My passenger that I was delivering to a medical appointment was more than 20 minutes late arriving. What a total mess and example of mis-management. No advance notice was given except the above article sometime this morning. I returned home by way of Silva to Triangle and although more miles it took much less time. The construction on 49S is being carried out in a timely, organized manner & traffic is able to move with minimal delay. What is Mariposa's largest source of revenue? What do you think will be the most memorable thing about today's trip to Yosemite for the traveler? Both access roads to this community tied up at the same time sounds like excellent planning by CalTrans with no local objection by the people in power.

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