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Miners Inn solar array to be connected to power grid

The new solar-energy panels at The Miners Inn will be connected to PG&E's energy-distribution grid this summer, a spokesman for Coarsegold-based Earth Wind & Solar said this week.

Workers from the Madera County-based business finished installing the photovoltaic array several months ago but it is not yet connected to the regional grid, spokesperson James Dominguez said.

Exactly when the array is connected "is in the hands of PG&E and not us," Dominguez said.

The link is expected by early July, he said.

The Miners Inn and Earth Wind & Solar are planning a dedication ceremony when the switch is flipped.

When the array is connected, PG&E will pay The Miners Inn for energy generated by the array that is not used at the motel.


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This solar grid is an

This solar grid is an unwelcome eyesore to the town of Mariposa. Town planning should be ashamed for approving its placement.

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