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Road rage escalates to assault


 A bizarre road rage event on Tuesday escalated to a full-blown assault, and now Mariposa County Sheriff's deputies are looking for the suspect.

On Tuesday, May 15 at about 9:30 a.m., a man identified by Mariposa County deputy sheriffs as Richard A. Schreffler, 35, of Medford, Oreg., instigated an altercation as the result of a road rage event.

Reportedly, Schreffler was driving recklessly causing a conflict with a local woman at the 49’er shopping center in Mariposa. Schreffler approached the woman and abruptly struck her in the face with his closed fist, knocking the woman immediately to the ground.

Three men approached to intervene as it appeared that Schreffler was fleeing. Schreffler then also assaulted the three good samaritans, striking one man with his vehicle. 

Schreffler fled the area driving north bound on HIghway 49 North in a maroon colored Chrysler mini-van, license plate #ZRP 266. Schreffler is described to be a white adult male, brown hair, 5’06”  and 200 pounds.


Anyone who sees Schreffler or the maroon Chrysler van should contact the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office at 966-3615. 


Officers advise the public not to approach Schreffler.


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This is terrible, a totally

This is terrible, a totally unprovoked attack on this poor unsuspecting woman for no reason whatsoever. I don't like reading stories like this at all. Thank you to the three men who put their own lives at risk to help her!!! The attacker sounds like a total meth-head. Who knows what violence this person is capable of, sure don't need that stuff around the community. Hope he goes back to his native Meth-ford!

This stuff is for

This stuff is for flatlanders! Figures it wasn't a local. I no longer live in the hills, but car jackings, drive by's and road rage need to stay out!

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