2012-05-10 / Front Page

Pizza Factory catches fire

By Jill Ballinger

Downtown Mariposa is shrouded in smoke tonight, as a fire cleared-out the Pizza Factory and looked like it might threaten other buildings.

Shortly before 9 p.m., patrons in the Friday night crowd in Pizza Factory flooded onto the streets. Smoke streamed from the building, but seemed to clear just moments later.

A few minutes later, however, flames could be seen from the facade directly behind Pizza Factory as fire crews converged. Hundreds of people stood and watched the fight.

The cause of the fire is unknown, and fire fighting efforts continue now.

Visit www.mariposagazette.com for updates and read the full story in the May 17 Gazette. 

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thats sad to see pf go like

thats sad to see pf go like that.. that was one of my fav places to eat with the family..i hope we kan build another one!!

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