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Highway 140 remains closed

Mop-up of devastating fire continues

Saturday, May 12, 2012, 6:15 a.m. - According to the California Highway Patrol, Highway 140 through downtown Mariposa remains closed this morning as crews mop-up the remains of a devastating fire that razed an entire half a block of historic downtown.

Yesterday evening a fire that reportedly started in the Pizza Factory at the corner of Highway 140 and Fifth Street burned the entire half block destroying a number of businesses and property.

Firefighters from all over Mariposa County and the surrounding area battled the blaze overnight.

Keep visiting this Web site for further details and planned events to assist those community members who lost so much.

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Thank you Jill for providing

Thank you Jill for providing immediate information online for those of us that just heard the Pizza Factory was on fire but knew nothing else. In one of your busiest times you made what ever facts you had available to those of us worrying at home. The news is heartbreaking with the buildings in rubble that carried so much local memory and history going back long before our time. For me is was the Swap Shop, Ice Cream Parlor, Red Devil Pizza which later became the Pizza Factory. I am thinking but not positive but this was the first in what later became a popular small town franchise... Much saddness today as we relect at the treasures lost that cannot be replaced. Jill you are awesome and on top of things and always for the community. Thanks



Well, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous,

Well, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, why don't you try walking in our boots just once? You obviously know nothing about what it takes to fight a fire or you wouldn't be making uneducated remarks such as this. MCFD and MPUD accepts applications anytime for people to volunteer instead of sitting there as Monday morning quarterbacks analyzing the efforts of those who actually show up to help. There was nothing anyone could have done to save that old building. I was there and there were multiple ceilings from various businesses over the years with no building codes having been followed. The building was so old and dried up, we couldn't even go in to fight the fire for fear of the whole roof caving in at any time. Please take time to learn a few things before you make ridiculous comments such as "fire in the pants" etc. When was the last time you put on 25 lbs of turn outs (jacket, pants and boots) and another 25 lbs of breathing apparatus then walked two blocks up a hill, then go shoot water out of a nozzle with 125 lbs of pressure coming out of a 2" line? I am 59 years old, female and am quite capable of it, are you???

Firefighters everywhere,

Firefighters everywhere, against human nature, run INTO burning buildings and wildfires. Give our local dept. with limited resources in a bad economy a break. And the all-wooden structures were probably impossible to save. (name withheld so you don't set my house on fire to make a point!)

Your totally inappropriate

Your totally inappropriate comments mean nothing until you have the courage to attach your name to it. All firemen and women put their life on the line with every alarm. They deserve our praise and admiration. Not finger pointing.

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