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Clean-up gets underway


 Less than 24 hours after the Pizza Factory and adjacent buildings burned to the ground, little remains of the previous edifice.

Crews from Allison Sierra, Inc. and Mariposa County Public Works are currently working on the demolition of the still smoldering buildings. 

As Justin Allison scooped up the rubble, a Mariposa County firefighter hosed the ground, exposing the concrete foundation--all that remains of the building.

Onlookers still stand downtown, shaking their heads in disbelief and sadness.

There is still no named cause for the fire.

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It is my understanding that

It is my understanding that since the buildings had a single common roof and a single common basement, there was nothing to stop the fire once it started. Plus being such an old building, the wood would be very dry. I have seen very old buildings like this burn before in Nevada. Once they start, they are almost impossible to stop. The firefighters tried to fight it from inside, but stated that it was just too dangerous and they had to back out and fight it from the outside. Would it have been better if they had risked their lives and we had fatalities? They did the right thing. There was no stopping that blaze. As for cleaning up so soon, I believe it was a public safety issue. Can't you just see kids getting into the rubble to see what they could find. I remember doing just that in Nevada as a kid. We just knew that the people who had lived in the burned house had gold and jewels buried in the basement, and we went looking for it. That's just kids. Be reasonable. Give credit where credit is due. Let's concentrate in helping these people and getting it rebuilt.

Why did they bulldoze and

Why did they bulldoze and remove the wreckage already? Have they already completed an investigation into the cause of the fire?

The answer is no... they have

The answer is no... they have not done an investigation and by bulldozing the scene, they have jumped EVERY protocol known. There was no arson or fire investigation because they removed everything that could be investigated. In the case of any business burning down, the insurance companies always want an investigation into the cause of the blaze. I would think that since the "fire" department sat outside doing nothing but waiting for the entire block to burn down, that it may become an issue too. It's either total incompetence, to the point of it being near criminal, or corruption. This is Mariposa... I would say it's a coin toss. Either way, the fire department's ineptitude at fire fighting has been showcased. Now there is even less for the kids in this town, not to mention... just less of the town. This is the most appalling thing I have ever seen. Now watch the town government huddle up and try to bury this thing too. Just another Stephen King chapter to a Stephen King town. My advice... buy more fire extinguishers because we are truly on our own to save whats ours. But hey, they LOOK like they know what they are doing by the "pretty, shiny red trucks" they drive around. Pathetic. I hope criminal charges are brought. Someone should pay for this level of stupidity.

If you are so knowledgeable

If you are so knowledgeable about fire scenes and investigations and so committed to your opinions why are you anonymous? Tell us all who you are so we may even have a chance at taking you seriously. Lets talk stupidity.....

Eyesore to town & they have

Eyesore to town & they have to remove to make sure no sparks could reach any other business in town ,That's what happen to town in Aqua fria , area near Mariposa many a years ago , the whole town burned to the ground , Wiped it out 100% , Take a ride down Aqua Fria road off Hwy 140 and read the history of what happened many year ago .

I feel blessed (beyond

I feel blessed (beyond measure) to call Mariposa home. Mariposa is not just a town or county-it's a family. We will, as a family, get through this-as we have many other tragedies.

As we always do, we will

As we always do, we will overcome..rebuild..and support each other. We are Mariposins and together we can do anything. To those who have lost we will help. To those who will miss what was lost we will help you fill the time. To those who did so much to stop the loss we have your back. Together we can do anything because we are from Mariposa and we don't give up. NEVER! Strength and honor.

Well said.

Well said.

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