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Burning rubble is all that remains


 A pile of burning rubble is all that is left of the Mariposa Pizza Factory and adjacent buildings this morning.

Stunned onlookers remain in town, staring silently at the destruction.

At this time, Highway 140 remains closed from the junction of Highway 49 South to Sixth Street. There is a short detour on Bullion Street available for travelers. Those heading to Yosemite should not be affected by the detour.

There is still no information on the cause of the fire or an estimate of the damage. In all, five businesses were completely destroyed.

See www.mariposagazette.com or visit the Gazette's Facebook page for updates on the clean-up effort.

A full story on the fire will appear in the Gazette's May 17 edition.

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Pizza Factory is the main

Pizza Factory is the main thing I miss about Mariposa, except for the people, of course. Every time my son, Tony, and I have a pizza we always comment about it not being as good as Pizza Factory. Don't worry, they will rebuild and be as good as ever, eventhough the building can never be replaced.

This is 3rd or 4th hand . My

This is 3rd or 4th hand . My wife works at a B&B and related from a guest that the fire started as a grease fire in the pizza place kitchen. Just raises more questions.

Does the rumor that Mariposa

Does the rumor that Mariposa County Fire's response was slow and not well staffed have any truth to it? Rumors also say CalFire - first on the scene - and MPUD responded promptly and efficiently.

Rumors are carried by haters,

Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

Jill, thank you for your

Jill, thank you for your reporting and keeping us up to date on all the happenings in Mariposa. We appreciate your attention to the news for us.

This is heartbreaking news. I

This is heartbreaking news. I love and miss Mariposa so much, this news just crushed me. Even though I'm not currently there physically, my heart is there and always will be. I miss you all, and Mariposa so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you. With heartfelt sincerity, Cyndi

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